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Technical Achievements

HH Biotech formed a group of botanical experts to facilitate management of XXXX, and has made a series of Agricultural Technology achievements:
Jointly coordinated with Jiangcheng Sino Australia Agriculture Science Development Company on the construction of more than 10 S&R projects, as well as collaboration with Yunnan Tropical Crop Research Institute and Yunnan Forestry Scientific Institute. These projects include a high yield test base, a quality seed exhibition zone, as well as a quality seed selection zone.
Planted more than 100 acres of seedlings and over 100 provincial class quality seedling gardens in Puer city, Lincang city, and Dehong city in Yunnan Province,  with an annual production capacity of 2 million macadamia seedlings.
From 2014, the company conducted a series of seedling grafting and a high branch rootstock grafting in the Songshanlin Base in XXXX city. Outstanding results has been achieved, and the company now owns the patent of the technology “Macadamia Seedling Bud Grafting”.